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The Truth About Superfoods – from The Guardian


Helen says… ‘Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and protein. Avoid takeaways, prepackaged foods and overloading on sugar and salt. The truth about healthy eating is not glamorous or sparkly but it’s cheaper when you don’t need superfoods or supplements!’

What I Did on My Summer Holiday – Helen’s Blog

Article on Ageing Muscles –

ageing muscles

Helen says… ‘Exercise is so important for our bodies beyond the aesthetic. I remember when I joined Fletton doctors surgery I was given a form which asked me what exercise I do to keep healthy. What would your answer be?’

Healing Body Image – Helen’s Blog

Which Supplements are a Waster of Money??? –


Helen says… ‘Click on each supplement to see evidence on whether they are beneficial to health. Very interesting reading and backs up what I have learned on nutrition courses. Get your vitamins and minerals from food where possible, get outside every day, drink plenty of water, sleep well and train smart.’

45 Benefits of Exercise and Healthy Eating No-one Talks About –

Helen says… ‘This resonates so much with me. Exercise is often viewed merely as a means to look a certain way when the physical and mental health benefits are numerous. My moods are better, I rarely get ill and I am able to cope with life better when I exercise. Being fit is a lifelong commitment not just something to do for a bikini.’