The Gift of Running

About seven years ago I began this on/off love affair with pavement pounding. When I first started I had a goal to run the Eye 10K for Sands stillbirth charity. I began running on the treadmill at the Regional whilst watching acrobatic swimmers diving through the air into the pool. Often I would go straight down for a refreshing dunk in the pool straight after and wonder when it would start to feel less like torture!

Then I discovered how much better running outside is. I have a natural inclination to explore and running opened up all kinds of hidden arteries connecting the city together. As my distance increased I became braver about how far I would run before turning back and was rewarded with amazing sights from gorgeous woodland to beautiful wildlife.

But the path of a runner is never smooth. There have been a fair few runs that made me want to give up completely. Runs where my legs have felt like concrete, my breathing has been off and 1k has felt like a half marathon. If you are new to running, please remember a bad run does not mean you are a bad runner. Hydration, fuelling, sleep, monthly cycle or iron levels can all have a hand in creating a bad run.

After I ran the Great Eastern the first time, I didn’t run again for ages. And if you don’t run it becomes very hard mentally to get back into it. But you never go back to square one. Eventually the trainers welcomed me back wondering why it took me so long to remember their power.

I’ve had to recover from pateller tendonitis and a sprained ankle and each time it was a slow process but I came back stronger. Thank goodness for my bike maintaining my sanity when I couldn’t walk!

As my last run course comes to an end in the next few weeks, I have been reflecting on all the amazing people I have met running in the course of my business. We have had conversations about hopes and fears as the green wheel has trundled along beneath our trainers. We’ve cried and laughed and become solid friends. I now have an amazing network of ladies I love running with and hope we will still meet up for runs and put the world to rights at the same time.


2 thoughts on “The Gift of Running

  1. Aw, lovely! Thank you for this. Bracing myself for my 12 miles run tonight. Increasing every week to run 12 miles twice before my first half marathon in Bedford on the 1st of July. Yesterday I went out hopping to run that distance but only managed 5k as had one of these days when it just would work so I thought I am not giving up, I will just try again tomorrow.
    I have a long list of reasons why I run but mainly because it makes me believe that I can do things that my mind was limiting me from doing if I persevere and want to do it hard enough.
    I always enjoyed our runs Helen because you are a great liestner and you can tell you are somebody with a lot of layers of wisdom that just shines out if you.


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