Mum’s the word

Whilst Tamara was painting my nails today we were talking about how motherhood can knock women’s confidence in the workplace. It seems really strange but true whether you’ve ran two businesses (like myself) before going back into an office environment after seven years or went back quickly into your job after birth. Where does this self doubt stem from? Is it a symptom of our modern lives strewn with Pintrest perfect parents showing Instagram filtered highlight reels or is it an older problem of a patriarchal society which views mothers as unimportant and of less value than those without children? Since I became a mum I’ve learned how to survive on amounts of sleep usually used as a torture method, I’ve learned how to calmly negotiate with a toddler who is screaming and throwing themselves on a supermarket floor without embarrassment. I’ve learned how to organise ahead so that lunches, PE lessons, childcare and school trips go ahead without issue and I’ve learned to adapt to change at a moment’s notice. When you have a family to support you give everything you’ve got to keep a roof over their head and food in their tummies. It is really time mums started recognising their value and talking as confidently as those with less life experience but heaps of self-belief. I am fortunate enough to know some amazing working women (some running businesses alongside a day job). These women are lioneses that can take on the world if only they would believe that they can do this and seize the moment.

Meeting beautiful Eljay who’s Mum has done amazingly since giving birth recently. Rachel: I am proud to know you and hope you know how brilliant you are!


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