Run with us

I’ve been helping people begin their running journey for a few years now and seen many different characters of varying ages, sizes and fitness levels grow in confidence to become runners. The first week quickly bonds each group as it challenges everyone in a way that other exercise can’t get close to. I’ve seen people cry, sweat, laugh and swear their way through each course and every single person who has stuck with it has graduated with flying colours regardless of age or previous fitness levels. I love seeing people’s faces light up with the realisation that they have achieved more than they ever believed possible. Some have pushed forwards to achieve longer distances and enter races, some have used the running as a stepping stone to integrate more movement into their life in general and some go on to enjoy running then become overwhelmed by life and go on to repeat the course to help get back on track at a later date. One of my attendees at my latest course asked me if I ever get fed up having to vary my pace all the time running with different people but I don’t really notice it most of the time because I’m enjoying helping people move forwards and finding out everyone’s story. Sometimes we run past other runners on our courses and people will say “they are proper runners.” Everyone who runs is a runner. Some people just don’t know that yet.


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