If you want to run far, run together…

As I reach the halfway point of Red January I find myself thinking about connections. My favourite runs are with other people.  People need to connect.  It is such a powerful experience to speak and be heard – to feel understood.  Red January is about running (or doing something active) each day.  

My hardest runs have been alone. My hardest times have been the paths I’ve had to walk alone. When I birthed my first baby knowing he had already died I felt scared and overwhelmed but my partner and my mum helped me through the labour.  The toughest of times can be overcome if we are supported.

Mental illness can be a very lonely disease but if those that are struggling can be embraced, heard and loved then we can go some way to healing the hurt.  My cousin Sam in Australia does great work for Suicide Prevention, touring around and talking to people about how it’s okay to not be okay.  By taking the time to listen to a friend, give them a hug or do something nice for them, you could make all the difference in someone’s life. You could make them feel like life is worth living again. You could make them feel worth something.

Thank you to everyone I have run with so far. I am really looking forward to more runs as the month goes on and hopefully raising a bit of money for Mind along the way.  



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