A little seed

A little seed is planted and we water it and if we are lucky we get the satisfaction of watching it grow.  This is how I feel about those who I have helped in some way on their fitness journey.  I am very happy if I have helped ignite that passion I feel for fitness inside anyone regardless of whether it means they will go on to compete in races, enjoy the meditative solitude of a run in the crisp autumn air or feel empowered to explore new types of exercise as well as the ones they have enjoyed with me.  The fitness world can be intimidating from areas of the gym surrounded by top heavy silverbacks throwing barbells to the ground or lycra clad instructors with a little bit of a mean manner.  Fitness clothes that only flatter those within a very narrow body type can also be a massive barrier to participation.  When I first started Aspire my vision was to inspire and include those traditionally not given a space in the fitness world.  I know many people held back from becoming fitter due to not wanting to be humiliated or seen as wrong.  I’ve heard tales of fitness instructors telling women they can’t be runners cos they don’t “look like a runner”.  That misconception seems to pervade. Only “athletic looking” people can enjoy sport.  Therefore thinner or larger people are consigned to a lifetime of stillness? That makes zero sense. Everyone moves for their own reasons. I move to transport myself (walking, running and biking), I move to keep my mind and body healthy (circuit training, running), I move to lose myself and socialise (tennis, circuits, running) and on my recent holiday to Scotland I moved to challenge myself and see great beauty (hiking big hills. I am afraid of heights so walking up them is not so bad but I turn slightly to jelly on the way back down!).  Movement breeds movement, once you get going, momentum keeps you going. So my hope for 2018 is to inspire more people to move and find joy in that movement. 


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