Be Proud

Every run is different.  When weather conditions, health, hydration and fuelling, training, hormones and sleep are all working together harmoniously we can achieve great things and personal bests on time and distance but we can’t control all of these things one hundred percent on every run.  So some runs are hard and painful.  We can feel like we are wading through treacle.  Some runs are glorious and other runs are a test in mental fortitude.   But you should be proud of each and every run.  

I don’t ask people what times they got on runs these days, as to me that’s a small part of the picture.  If you were going for a certain time and you got it then I’ll raise a glass to you but I want to know how you felt.  What was the whole experience like?  I saw such strength and dedication in the Great Eastern yesterday and it came from everyone.  I have huge respect for the many injured people I saw struggling even to walk but continuing to run.  I hope each and every one is proud and doesn’t feel upset because they didn’t clock a time they deem acceptable.  Be Proud everyone! Celebrate the fact you have the strength and persistence to run. It is an equal mental and physical battle and every person who has the courage to begin should feel proud.  I love this quote from the Running the Distance facebook group I follow “More powerful than the will to win is the courage to begin.” Remember that!


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