No Excuses

We all experience peaks and troughs with our motivation. At certain times of the month my motivation is zero.  Unless we are talking about motivation to inhale copious amounts of chocolate and doze under a duvet.  Routine is the secret to riding through the waves of that flimsy and fickle beast called motivation and making physical activity a part of our life. 

Since I became a PT I often have to power through illness (and having the decorators in) because it’s my job to motivate and instruct others and 9/10 I feel much better for keeping going.  I see my clients who don’t make excuses do amazing things and achieve greatness.

I’ve been through stages in my life (and I see clients repeat the same patterns) where I make a few excuses, miss a session or class which soon landslides into a month off and that can easily snowball into a year.  I will never make excuses for things any more.  Having this congruence enables me to be reliable person and puts the weaker parts of my character on the back seat.  It’s so much easier to keep cycling along than stop and start.

But we can come back from this. Although it may feel disheartening when we haven’t worked out in a while and it takes an extra push to get the momentum going, fitness comes back far quicker than when we first start something.   It’s not easy and those dreaded DOMS will make the stairs seem like Everest but a bit of consistency will return us to where we were before.

I was absolutely gutted when injury stopped me running last year.  But I’m feeling the strongest I’ve felt running since I started now.  I am so glad I used cycling to keep my fitness going during injury and rehabilitation.  It also saved my sanity. When our bodies feel natural in motion, enforced resting can feel like a cage. I feel like I might actually enjoy the Great Eastern this year! Fancy that!


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