Burning Out

Last weekend I went away for the weekend camping and I slept so much.  There were a few signs I was burning out before then and I’ve still got to have a few tests to check if there’s any imbalances.  But after a huge afternoon nap I felt so recharged. My husband said “that’s you again!” I felt invigorated and healthy.  My life can be quite full on and it’s been an amazing first year with my business but running your own show requires drive and determination and you never clock off.  

If I want to succeed I need to get up every day and work hard but also recognise that success also relies on looking after my own health.  I’m great at living fast but needed to sleep under canvas and walk by the ocean to allow myself to slow down again too.

Playing tennis on Wednesday nights is helping. It means I can lose myself and it is my mindful space. I can laugh and enjoy myself as I’m not in charge of anything but my next shot and if I cock it up it doesn’t mean the bills won’t get paid.

I absolutely love my career. I love listening to everyone’s story and getting to help people surpass their expectations. I love picking out songs to help people when they are struggling with motivation and planning classes to benefit people’s lives. And when you love what you are doing it’s hard to switch off and put it down. But I recognise that doing so will make me better at what I do.


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