Coming Back

Humans are creatures of habit and the summer seems to send our routines into chaos.  Holidays, barbecues, festivals and outings can mean looking after ourselves becomes low on our list of priorities.  But we need to find the space to recharge, remember to nourish our bodies and keep moving if we want to feel the best we can. 

This summer I’ve spent lots of time catching up with friends and taking the children on excursions.  With busy days and late nights I have had to make real effort to make sure I’m eating lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking enough water and getting sleep.  As care givers we can end up giving our all to our children but neglecting ourselves but if we fall apart then who’s going to steer the ship?
I had a bit of a health scare last week and it made me realise I need to look after myself too.  I get plenty of exercise but I’m not so good at getting to bed early and know I’ve probably neglected my diet over the past few weeks opting for easy rather than nourishing.  Even health professionals get things wrong sometimes but recognising where in our lives are lacking and rebalancing everything feels so positive. Since making a few small adjustments I’m feeling ten times better.  After making these changes, after a few days we form a habit and that is what is so important for a healthy lifestyle.  Habits keep us healthy as momentum drives us along.  

So take a look at your life. Does it feel balanced or do you need to add some more nurturing activities? 


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