Business with a heart

Aspire Personal Training started as an idea in my head when I was heavily pregnant with Minnie and my husband had lost his job.  I felt like I needed to train for a career that could earn us enough to live on.  I thought about what I enjoy doing most (exercising), my passion (nurturing and motivating people) and how I would like to implement my idea (I knew I wanted to create affordable personal training and fitness classes so I could reach everyone who needed it).  

So I started googling and stumbled upon a local company that I could study with.  It was very scary taking that leap towards a new career in my late thirties. A lot of my classmates on my gym instructor course would have been the sporty and popular kids at school.  I felt like the weird girl in the Breakfast Club surrounded by jocks and princesses.  

I was very overwhelmed to begin with as there was so much to learn and I felt like running in the opposite direction. But I studied really hard, used a broom as a barbell and roped in friends to instruct at the gym I attend (much to the suspicion of the staff there!).

I passed my course and then the following year began my Personal Trainer Level 3 course.  I didn’t feel quite so out of my depth and was able to enjoy the course more.  I started to feel confident that I was doing the right thing and studied hard to improve and understand as much as possible.  It was really exhausting working full time as a childminder, studying and looking after my family and it was a huge relief when I passed my exams and assessment.  Finally I was able to start this business!

My ethos is to make exercise enjoyable for all, to build people up in their confidence, to be straight with people (giving them evidence based advice) and build a community of supportive people.  I see myself as equal to my clients and they soon become a part of the Aspire tribe.  Familiar faces pop up at classes and we get to know each other’s stories.  My business has heart and I love to see people feeling happier and growing in confidence. 

I’ve had others in the industry try to poach clients from me and intimidate me but they are usually at odds with what I’m doing.  It upset me at first but there are many different ways to work in the fitness industry and I know I won’t be a good fit for all.  If you like the shouty sergeant major type then I can’t help you! If you want me to tell you supplements that create expensive urine will change your life then I really can’t.

Some days can be hard – a late payment can mean a bill can’t be paid and that’s stressful but then I’ll get a message to say thank you because I’ve changed someone’s life and a new client will get in touch wanting one to one sessions.

It’s a real rollercoaster of emotions but I have absolutely loved my first year in this business.  It takes hard work and perseverance. I work 7 day weeks all year round and have had to work through chest infections and a sprained ankle. I sit up late at night compiling playlists for classes and planning sessions and classes to keep challenging my clients and helping move them forwards and life can get crazy busy at times.

But I have the flexibility to work around my children. I get to spend every day with amazing people changing their lives. I am doing something I believe in and that is an absolute dream come true.


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