Your health is worth 5 minutes of a Doctor’s time

“As I lay here, in the surgery ward of PCH, having had 5 injections and a wire inserted into me and feeling quite scared of what’s to come next, I realised I could be taking my mind off it and using this time for good.

Ladies, and gents, never assume you are young and invincible. I am 34 and I have early stage breast cancer. Today I’m having a lumpectomy to remove it and a sentinel node biopsy to check the cancer hasn’t spread.

My lump is just 13mm x 10mm and I thought I might be wasting the Drs time when I went to see her. She claimed it ‘didn’t feel like cancer’ and referred me to the breast clinic purely for reassurance. One of the consultants couldn’t even find the lump without an ultrasound or mammogram as it’s that small! 

Despite all of this, I truly AM reassured, as thanks to the great work and quick treatment by the fantastic team in the breast clinic, I should be finished all of my treatment by Christmas, all being well. My cancer should be removed without getting any worse and I should continue living my life as normal after surgery and radiotherapy (staying hopeful I won’t need chemo).

Please don’t assume that a small lump is nothing, and please don’t think you’re wasting people’s time. If you have a lump anywhere get it checked out! Your health is definitely worth 5 minutes of a Drs time. Here endeth the lesson.”

This was written by a close friend who wants to spread the word but remain anonymous.


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