Making Time

Last week I felt at breaking point.  My daughter (who can be a force of nature) was playing up a lot, a few things going wrong had meant money was tight and I felt very alone.  All my emotions flooded out and I realised that I have been neglecting to make time to do the things I love.  I haven’t had a night out with friends where I can truly relax, reconnect and recharge in the longest time and I played about 2 compete tennis sessions since last November.  I know that if this continues there is a real risk of anxiety and depression resurfacing. Thankfully in my chosen career there are lots of endorphins from exercise but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t carve out space for myself too.  My husband agreed that I need to spend time with my friends and get playing tennis again.  Last night I got back out playing tennis and immediately felt lighter.  Tennis requires total mental concentration so I find it a great way of shutting off the internal noise.  You also have to live completely in the moment which is the opposite of where my head usually is.   I love running my own business but it can be isolating, it’s also tough knowing the buck stops with me and I have a responsibility to succeed for the good of my family.  But then I receive messages from clients about how I’ve changed their lives and how much happier and more confident they are and I see people progressing in my classes and PT sessions and know I am doing the right thing.  Following your dreams doesn’t come easy and there will be tough times but I really feel that this is the path I am meant to follow.  But I will make sure to give myself at least a few hours a week to relax so I don’t burn out.  Please make sure you do the same.


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