Freedom to Move

Health care professionals now recognise the importance of keeping moving. Whereas once upon a time bed rest was encouraged, nowadays, as soon as you can get out of bed (after a stay in hospital) and moving you will.  This is because if you do not use muscles then you will lose muscle tone and strength.  But we don’t have to be in hospital to feel the side affects of being sedentary.  When I went from working in catering to starting my first office job in 2000 I immediately noticed changes in my strength and fitness.  Sitting down all day is not good for us.  And back in those days I still had to get up to go and do some filing or get some information from a different department. In the modern day paperless workplaces we can spend eight hours only getting up for “comfort breaks”.  This can cause us to develop back problems, weak core strength, bad posture and cause muscles to waste.  After a day at work we can feel mentally exhausted but it is so important to move.  When we move we keep our bodies going, which means a future filled with so many more possibilities.  To be active and healthy means freedom. Freedom to play with your children, freedom to enjoy your retirement, freedom to travel, freedom to live independently, freedom to do what we want.  Health truly is a gift which we should respect and value.  When I am struggling to find motivation, I think of all those I know who can no longer move and that spurs me on to keep moving.


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