Filling your own cup

I absolutely love running my own business but sometimes the pressure, alongside racing from classes to PT clients and run courses can take it’s toll.  If we don’t practice self care then the body will force us to either through injury or illness and this weekend I ended up in bed feeling awful with a temperature and aching limbs.  For the past four years I’ve barely had a sniffle but this illness is the latest in a long line of chest infections and stomach bugs that have plagued me recently.  I started to think about my life and realised I need to take better care of myself.

I know I haven’t been eating enough fruit and vegetables. As a Mum, it’s easy to save the fruit for the kids to make sure they are getting lots but we all need the vitamins and minerals they provide.  The healthy home cooked curries packed with garlic and spices need to be made again rather than looking for something convenient because I am tired and the kids want dinner quick.

I’ve learned that I also need to carve out space for relaxation.  I love to play tennis but I’ve only played one compete session since November.  I haven’t socialised with my friends much either.

I’ve also realised I need to communicate with those around me about my worries rather than bury them and have them pop back up as insomnia.

I’ve learned to listen to and respect my body.  Pushing myself to my limits constantly is not good for my health or sustainable. I always tell my clients to listen to their bodies and get plenty of rest so I need to practice what I preach!  I need to factor in de-load weeks, holidays and rest rather than trying to pack as much as I can into my schedule.

How do you fill your own cup?  Are you making time to care for yourself?


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