How to kick start your motivation 

When we first start an exercise programme and get those endorphins and start seeing results it’s easy to keep going.  Maintaining health is not too painful and our strength and aerobic fitness breeze along nicely.  But then we can miss a few classes because we are busy, be unable to run for a month because of injury, miss nine months of exercise due to a complicated pregnacy or have a holiday where we packed our gym gear with the full intention to work out but never put it on.  So how do we get back into exercise?

Work out with a friend or book some PT sessions – arranging plans with someone else means you are much more likely to go.

Book an event – if you haven’t run for a while then having a race booked in the near future will give you a nudge to train.

Try group fitness – I know 100% I work far harder in a group fitness session than I would by myself.  There are a wealth of different classes out there so find one you enjoy and with an instructor and group you gel with and adherence is so much more likely.

Remember why you used to love it – was it the endorphins? The satisfaction of achieving a higher one rep max on the weights? The camaraderie and social aspects of the fitness? The way it made you look? The stress relief? Whatever your reason for working out is, reconnect with it and get back out there.

Remove the pressure – if you haven’t run for a long time due to injury or training for a race meant it all got a bit stale then give naked running a go. No, not the kind that gets the neighbours talking! Fully clothed but with no device measuring your pace, distance or time.   Just go for a little run and enjoy it.  Decide as you go along whether you want to keep going.

Try something new – there are so many different ways to move your body.  Go and explore some.  Once you find something you really enjoy it’s easy to keep doing it.

Put your money where your mouth is – once we commit to something financially our liklihood to adhere to it improves.  I see it myself every day – the clients who pay monthly attend many more classes, get better results and maintain their fitness more than those who pay as they go because they want to get their money’s worth.  If you spend £100 on a new pair of trainers are you more likely to leave them in a wardrobe or put them on and run somewhere?

Track your progress – using an app to keep track of your progress can be a great tool for motivation.  Many of my clients compete with friends and family on fitbit challenges.

Reward yourself – when I get back from my exercise class I am going to enjoy that new bath bomb or eat that curry that has been slow cooking for a few hours.

Thank you to Dean for this suggestion for a blog post and I hope it inspires you. If you would like me to write about something for you then please message me.


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