Living the dream

It’s been a year since I began trading and I’ve learnt lots and met so many amazing people.

Being self employed has it’s ups and downs. It’s great being able to plan my work around the children and I love being able to spend each day doing what I love. But when I’m not feeling well I have to keep pushing on and it’s hard to pencil in me time where I can enjoy my own hobbies outside of my business. 

I have learned there are peaks and troughs and to keep moving forwards.  It can be hard when classes are quiet but I have to keep thinking of ways to promote my business and attract clients as I know the success of the business is supporting my family.

I’ve learned that sometimes I have to park my ego at the door and avoid overtraining. Bringing my energy to each class, run course or PT session is important but I need to decide which ones are my workout and take a step back in some to avoid burnout. 

I’ve been very proud of how confident and fit my clients have become and seen them go on to encourage others just starting out on their fitness journey.  

I have met people from all walks of life and realised just how many lovely people there are.  I am super proud of how everyone on my courses and classes encourage each other and help each other. I’ve seen many friendships begin and blossom.

I have learned that some trainers do unethical things to make money but I’m not interested in such things. I want to get people fit and improve their lives rather than sell them products they don’t need or give them unrealistic expectations.

I have learned that Rome wasn’t built in a day and to keep listening to what my clients want and evolving to become better at what I do. 

Thank you everyone for joining me on this journey and I look forward to many more happy years living the dream.


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