Keep Moving

As I glided home past the neat lawns and colour bursts of flowers today after Hiit to be Fit I thought back to when I first started teaching classes in Orton.  The weather was just starting to turn and the trees threw their leaves to the ground revealing thin brown limbs. The journey on my bike has been completely different starting from the first day when I snapped a wheel axle.  With each change in the season came a new challenge. Sideways rain lashing against my face, strong winds pushing against my legs, icy fog wrapping itself around my fingers. The weather seemed to tell me to go home and give up.  But this is my passion and I knew I must keep going however hard it was. As I pushed through and kept moving forwards good things began to happen.  My business started growing.  Then came the sunshine as the days began stretching out again like a giant stirring from the arms of morpheus.  Snowdrops and daffodils started poking through the barren soil and flashes of green appeared in the cracks in the pavement.  Suddenly there was life and this journey became a wonderful part of my day.  Our fitness journeys can feel like my daily bike ride.  With each group I’ve helped take up running the first steps are arduous and unforgiving.  It feels like the legs and the lungs will never work in unison to carry you forward.  But gradually everything starts clicking into place. The change is as gradual as the seasons turning and then one day you are running free and realise that it is now automatic. The muscles remember what to do and you begin to enjoy the whole experience, noticing birds and squirrels and the beauty of the sunset.  Just keep moving forwards each day little by little and you will get to the place you want to be.


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